Nepal earthquake leaves tens of thousands homeless – Fida gives aid

Fida provides emergency assistance, supports the recovery of small villages and continuation of schooling for children.

Fida has granted 50 000 Euros as emergency assistance to Nepal, after it has been battered by an earthquake. The people worst affected by the earthquake are the poor and marginalised casteless people groups, who were already doing it tough.

In addition to Kathmandu, the earthquake has caused damage in the rural areas; in 11 districts the damage is serious. Landslides have cut roads. It is difficult to get any information from the disaster areas. There is a need for tents, drinking water and food in the affected regions. In the areas worst affected by the earthquake, up to 85% of the housing has been destroyed. The UN estimates that these regions are home to up to two million people.

Fida's Regional Director in Asia, Ruut Mononen, keeps in touch with Nepal and describes the situation there: "Everyone is scared. The constant uncertainty makes people anxious about whether their loved ones will be found and what will be left."

Fida has three Finnish workers in the country. The help will be distributed through Fida's local partner organisations and churches.

We are preparing for the worst. In the villages where we work, houses, schools and toilets may have been destroyed. The proceeds of this spring's "Eväät elämään" campaign will be used in Nepal for emergency assistance, rebuilding of villages and long-term development cooperation in children's education. Fida's work impacts lives of approximately 66 000 of the poorest of the poor Nepalese.

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