Nepal Earthquake: IOM Emergency Response Situation Report, 12 May 2015



  • On 12 May, another earthquake of 7.3 magnitude struck Nepal at 12:50 local time. Initial reports indicate that displaced people have fled to the pre-identified Open Spaces that were empty prior to 12 May.

  • Heavy rainfall in Chautara, Sindhupalchowk has further deteriorated living conditions for the displaced population. The humanitarian community has set up temporary shelters that are currently hosting close to 100 people beside the humanitarian hub.

  • Upon the request of the humanitarian community, IOM has assumed the role of district-level Humanitarian Coordinator for Sindhupalchowk.

Situation Overview

On 12 May, another earthquake of 7.3 magnitude struck Nepal at 12:50 local time. The epicentre was in the southeast of Kodari in Sindhupalchowk District, approximately 76 kilometers northeast of Kathmadu. The quake and subsequent aftershocks have caused 24 deaths and 546 injuries (Source: OCHA sitrep, 12 May). Landslides in the mountains have hampered access to the towns, adding further devastation.

A dozen buildings have fallen in Chautara, Sindhupalchowk District and 11 people have died. IOM and other agencies have set up temporary shelters for displaced people beside the humanitarian hub in Chautara. This site is now hosting close to 100 people in a relatively small area.

The earthquake caused some panic and many people fled to the pre-existing, government identified Open Spaces.

On 10 May, heavy rain fall and hail resulted in flooding in Chautara, further increasing health risks for the displaced populations living in makeshift shelters and tents. Continued rains will severely impact the humanitarian community’s ability to stockpile and pre-position essential relief items in remote areas.