Nepal Earthquake District Profile - Dolakha (17.05.2015)

1 Situation Overview

Dolakha, one of the districts worst affected by the 25 April earthquake, was struck again by the 7.3 earthquake on 12 May, with the epicenter located in Dolakha district (USGS 12/05/2015). The earthquake was followed by several aftershocks; the largest one with a magnitude of 6.3 (GDACS 12/05/2015). 134 people have been reported dead and 304 people injured since 25 April (MoHA). Of these, 57 people have died as a result of the more recent 12 May earthquake (MoHA 13/05/2015). These numbers are expected to rise as more injured and dead are discovered in Dolakha. All VDCs are reported to have been affected by the earthquakes.

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