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Nepal earthquake anniversary

Australia has provided strong support to Nepal as part of recovery efforts following the earthquakes one year ago that killed almost 9000 people and injured about 20,000 others.

The Australian Government has provided more than $28 million in assistance to Nepal. This includes approximately $12 million for immediate humanitarian relief and more than $16 million for recovery and reconstruction. The first tranche of funding helped provide 42,000 people with access to safe water and sanitation, and 68,000 people with emergency shelter assistance.

Australia’s more than $16 million recovery package involves partnerships with Nepal’s government, non-government organisations, and international agencies to deliver assistance. This work focuses on three main areas to meet critical post-earthquake needs and build upon DFAT’s existing development engagement in Nepal.

The Australian Government is working with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) to restore the lost small business enterprises of the very poor, in order local to stimulate economic recovery. Through the Rapid Enterprise and Livelihoods Recovery Project, Australia is helping to:

  • restore livelihoods to nearly 12,000 existing entrepreneurs in the 7-most affected districts (targeting women, Dalits and indigenous nationalities)
  • establish up to 2,000 new micro entrepreneurs
  • build or repair 139 earthquake safe common facility and business promotion centres.

Australia is committed to helping vulnerable children return to school. The Government has partnered with Plan Australia to:

  • provide more than 17,000 children, with a focus on marginalised girls and children with disabilities, with access to education and psycho-social support in safe temporary learning spaces and assistance to transition back into school
  • rebuild twelve schools, including five schools for children with disabilities, in five districts.
  • Australia is contributing to a detailed structural damage assessment and the design of earthquake resistant school buildings to replace those damaged or destroyed.

Social cohesion
The Australian Government is supporting the Asia Foundation’s project to address post-disaster conflict. This involves assisting to resolve community disputes related to resettlement, land and resource use and the possible unequal allocation of relief and recovery resources. Our partnership is also addressing the increased vulnerability of marginalised groups, especially in regards to gender-based violence.

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