Nepal: Covid 19 Response Situation Report No.XXXV, as of 7 December 2020

Situation Report
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National Context:

• The districts with COVID-19 active positive cases have now climbed up to 75 out of 77, with 1,614 deaths. In the past week alone, there were more than 100 COVID-19 related deaths across Nepal (Ministry of Health and Population – MoHP).

• The MoHP has said that the services, businesses and works that the Government of Nepal (GoN) has not yet permitted to reopen, and restricted operation since the prohibition order was first put in place, should be extended for another 15 days starting 3 Dec, 2020.

• On 6 Dec 2020, the MoHP has directed the private hospitals not to charge additional fees from the patients in the name of COVID-19 care services • The International Labour Organisation (ILO) has said that COVID-19 is likely to create more income inequality between men and women. Wages of women and low-paid workers have been disproportionately affected by the crisis, which has created a risk of severely increasing the income inequality, according to the report (Republica Daily, ILO’s Global Wage Report 2020/21).

• With the addition of a new testing site this week, the MoHP has approved the establishment of 78 RT-PCR testing facilities. Among these facilities, 45 are from the private sector (MoHP #SITREP #301).

• Sixty percent of the people dying from COVID-19 are above 60 years of age. The public health experts say infected people are staying home until their condition deteriorates and this is making it difficult to save people with co-morbidities. Experts say isolation wards across the country have been deserted after the government stopped providing free testing and treatment (MoHP, The Kathmandu Post).

• Following the increasing movement of domestic tourists in tourism-related activities, the domestic airline companies (operators of fixed-wing aircraft) have resumed mountain-view flights after eight months of closure with attractive schemes to domestic tourists.

• Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, tourist arrivals has dropped by 80 per cent in the first 11 months of 2020 compared to 2019. In the first 11 months of 2019, 1,096,323 tourists visited Nepal. However, in the first 11 months of 2020, only 220,120 tourists have visited Nepal (Nepal Tourism Board, Newsreports).