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Nepal: Covid 19 and Flood Response Situation Report No.XXXIII, as of 23 November 2020

Situation Report
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National Context:

  • The districts with COVID-19 active positive cases have now climbed up to 75 out of 77, with 1,337 deaths. In the past week alone, there were more than 100 COVID-19 related deaths across Nepal (Ministry of Health and Population – MoHP).

  • Businesses hardly hit by the COVID-19 crisis can apply for a subsidised loan scheme that the Government of Nepal (GoN) announced recently. A meeting of the committee formed to operate the allocated NPR 50 billion fund made the decision on 20 November to collect applications for the loan from this week, starting 25 November, 2020.

  • The Kathmandu Metropolitan City has started collecting swabs of persons from vulnerable groups for free PCR test from 22 November. The metropolis has deployed a mobile van for reaching out to helpless and incapacitated persons, and senior citizens to collect their swabs.

  • The MoHP has said it will take strong action against the government-owned hospitals denying free of cost treatment to coronavirus-infected patients as per the recent decision of the GoN to treat the COVID-19 patients free of cost.

  • The GoN has given authority to the local governments to reopen schools, which had been closed for eight months due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Cabinet on November 5, endorsed the ‘School Operation Framework-2020, in the context of COVID-19’. The framework gives authority to all the 753 local governments to allow schools under their jurisdiction to reopen or shut as per the COVID-19 situation and the capacity of schools.

  • Following incidents of COVID-19 infected individuals not following strict isolation measures and roaming around scot free, the government has decided to entrust local residents with the responsibility of monitoring the infected. A monitoring team will be formed in each locality. The team will work to address problems faced by the infected and bar them from coming out for 14 days. At most 50 households will be assigned to each of the monitoring teams. The decision was taken by the Cabinet (WHO Focused C19 Media Monitoring Nepal, 22 Nov 2020).

  • Grade 12 exams to start on 24 November, Tuesday despite coronavirus threat. Officials say all possible safety measures have been adopted for the largest assembly of people in the education sector since the Covid-19 pandemic hit the country. Over 430,000 students are set to sit for in-person exams—the largest-ever gathering of people in the education sector since the Covid-19 pandemic hit the country early this year (WHO Focused C19 Media Monitoring Nepal).

  • Minister for Health and Population Bhanu Bhakta Dhakal has said that the government has projected that two percent of the total population of the country – 600,000 – will be infected by the novel coronavirus. Dhakal revealed the government projection of COVID19 infection in the country while addressing a program titled ‘Role of lawmakers for an effective communication of COVID-19 pandemic and its risks’ in the capital on Saturday. On the occasion, he also stated that they have projected 148,000 new COVID-19 infections in the next four months.