Nepal: Covid 19 and Flood Response Situation Report No.XXXII, as of 16 November 2020

Situation Report
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National Context:

• The districts with COVID-19 active positive cases have now climbed up to 76 out of 77, with 1,230 deaths. In the past week alone, there were more than 100 COVID-19 related deaths across Nepal (Ministry of Health and Population – MoHP).

• The Government of Nepal (GoN) has decided to bear all expenses involved in the testing and treatment of COVID-19 patients in all government owned hospitals across the country, reversing its earlier decision after the Supreme Court rejected the MOHP’s request to review the order to provide free treatment to the COVID-19 infected.

• The Valley Municipal Forum (VMF) has recommended the GoN to impose a strict lockdown in the Kathmandu Valley after Chhath festival (This years’ Chhath festival falls on 20 November) to control the rising COVID-19 infection. The GoN is yet to take any decisions regarding this recommendation.

• International border points with India and China will remain closed until 15 December, 2020 to contain the spread of COVID-19 infection.

• The schools in least affected or risk free zones will be opened gradually following the proper health safety measures. The Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (MoEST) has decided to resume schools after the Chhath festival amid concerns from various quarters about the possible loss of this academic session (Focused C19 Media Monitoring, 12 Nov,
WHO Nepal).

• A total of 76 designated COVID-19 laboratories are now functional in the country, of which, 44 are government while 32 are privately owned (MoHP, SITREP #280).

• The GoN decided to approve the proposal and action-plan to use COVID-19 vaccine in Nepal against the Coronavirus infection.

• Around half of the active COVID-19 cases in the country are currently home isolated (MOHP, SITREP #280). According to the Newsreports many of them are infected with ‘silent pneumonia’ due to lack of regular and timely medical assistance.

• The GoN has issued a circular to all the local government asking them to collect data on the number of youths who have been forced to return home due to COVID-19. The work will be done through the employment coordinators deployed at each local level. The cabinet meeting has given the responsibility to the Ministry of Finance to formulate an action plan for self-employment and job creation within the country based on the details collected (news portal)