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Nepal and India: Landslides and Floods - Information Bulletin n° 1


The situation

Nepal Heavy rain caused massive landslides from the hillside in Jure, Mankhaa Village Development Committee of Sindhupalchowk district in Nepal. The incident happened at 02:00 am on 2 August 2014 when most of the people were sleeping in their homes. The landslide created more than 100 meter high artificial dam across Saptakoshi River, one of the main tributaries of Koshi River. The flow of water is completely blocked due to the dam that has created artificial ponds, accumulating a large volume of water upstream. The blockages of river course formed an artificial lake; spread over 2.5 kms by length and 130 metres by depth. The landslide area is located 70 km North East of Kathmandu Valley. Araniko Highway, a major highway that links Kathmandu to China boarder passes through the incident area. The areas along the highway are very important from the point of view of tourism and trade between the two countries; therefore most of the area were inhabited with markets, hotels and private homes in several places. Two hydropower plants are fully operating nearby the area.

The landslide occurred in the night time and has caused huge loss of life and properties in Jure area where many houses and markets were located.