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Nepal 7.9 Devastating Earthquake

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Macau Red Cross (MRC) is highly concerned on the seriousness of the disaster caused by the recent earthquake in Nepal, and have immediately remitted MOP300,000 from its Disaster Relief Fund to the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC). Such fund will be used for emergency relief purposes. Macau Red Cross has just launched the Emergency Tracing Hotline Service. Anybody who needs to look for their missing family members in Nepal, due to this disaster, can contact Macau Red Cross. Macau Red Cross will help to locate them through the International Committee of Red Cross network. For enquires, please contact 2831 3003.

On April 25, at 14:11 of Macau local time, a measured 7.9 on the Richter scale destructive earthquake shook Nepal, and the epicenter was located at about 80 km of Lamjung, with the focal depth of about 20 kilometers. The catastrophe has taken away more than 1,800 lives, and the death toll is expected to rise. Kathmandu, the capital, felt the serious shock, an avalanche on Mount Everest was triggered which severely damaged the south camps. Residents of its neighboring countries, such as the Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal Pradesh of India including its capital New Delhi; Tibet Autonomous Region of China; Bangladesh and Bhutan also felt the devastating power. After the major quake, at least 16 aftershocks with more than 4.5 magnitude were recorded by the US Geological Survey Bureau.

IFRC immediately allocated 500,000 Swiss Francs for funding emergency relief operations, and transported relief supplies from Kuala Lumpur and Dubai to the disaster areas. Personnel have been dispatched to the region from Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, New Delhi and Geneva to the region to assist the relief mission, and the Nepal Red Cross staff and volunteers are extensively engaged in search and rescue work. The affected areas are much in need of drinking water, food, medicines and tents. The Kathmandu Red Cross blood donation station provides blood to the local major medical institutions. Since the roads are impassable and communication interrupted, it is not possible to receive accurate information from the nearby area of the epicenter. The initial speculation showing that the earthquake caused severe damages with large number of casualties.

The three counties of Nyalam, Geelong and Saga in Tibet Autonomous Region of China were severely affected. As of April 25, 12 people were reported dead. The National Committee for Disaster Reduction and Ministry of Civil Affairs issued a level IV emergency response, and organized relevant departments and task forces to assist in the search and rescue works in the region. MRC will maintain close contacts with the Red Cross Society of China, and stands by to respond for changes of situation of the disaster.

The IFRC has issued a flash appeal, and MRC will pay close attention to development of the disaster, and will remain constant contacts with the IFRC. MRC is now accepting the "Nepal Earthquake 2015 " donations. The relevant funds will be forwarded to the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies.

For donations, please deposit them to the following banks, and mark "Nepal Earthquake 2015 ".

Bank of China (MOP) :01-012-078767-1
Banco Comercial de Macau,S.A (MOP):8721794111
Banco Nacional Ultramarino(MOP):9002574645
Banco Tai Fung (MOP):201-1-08636-1

Donations can also be sent by crossed checks, make payable to Macau Red Cross, and mark on the envelope "Nepal Earthquake 2015 ". Please send checks to Macau Red Cross, Alameda Doutor Carlos D'Assumpcao, No. 235-287, China Civil Plaza, 3rd Floor, Macau