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Nepal 1 year after the earthquake

The Dutch have generously donated to the victims of the earthquake in Nepal, now one year ago. What has Cordaid, as a member of the cooperating aid organizations in The Netherlands (SHO), achieved with the 2.3 million euros it received from the aid campaign? A lot! In two districts we provided life-saving relief and worked on long-term reconstruction. To date, 63% of the money is spent and we have been able to help more than 8300 families who were affected by the devastating earthquake.

These are some of the results we have achieved with the funds of the SHO:


  • 1726 packages with corrugated sheets and other building materials have been distributed so people could quickly build a temporary shelter to protect themselves against the monsoon rains.
  • 863 houses have been restored with our help.
  • 123 people received training for earthquake resistant construction.


  • We provide psychosocial care to 428 children of displaced families in relief camps.
  • We teach children and young people how to deal with stress. We teach them to protect themselves better against abuse and we have constructed safe playgrounds.


  • 2500 families received food packages (containing 1 liter of oil, 15 kg rice, 2 kg of beans and 1 kg of salt).

Water and sanitation

In many villages, the water systems have been destroyed.

  • Cordaid built potable water tanks, located around 20 schools.
  • Constructed or repaired 27 water systems in villages.
  • Built 39 communal toilets with washing facilities.


Many people in Nepal lost their source of income and food because of the destruction of agriculture in many villages. To do something about this urgent matter we:

  • Distributed 4.5 tons of rice seeds to villages below 1000 meters.
  • Distributed potato and vegetable seeds to 2850 households.
  • Trained 394 displaced people to increase their employment opportunities.


Cordaid wants communities to prepare themselves better for potential disasters in the future. Local residents themselves should have the opportunity to do what it takes to secure their villages.

  • We made risk assessments and contingency plans with 18 communities.
  • We formed 18 committees who will keep a keen eye on risks and will take action when adjustments need to be made.

Read the financial statements and the interim report of the SHO for the first 9 months of aid to Nepal.

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