Monthly Update - June 2011

Situation Report
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This report is issued by the UN RCHCO with inputs from its UN Field Coordination Offices and other partners and sources. The report covers June 2011. The next report will be issued in the first week of August 2011.


Political Update

After an initial surge of activity in the weeks following the 28 May extension of the constitution drafting process, negotiations on the central question of integration and rehabilitation (IR) of the Maoist army have come to a standstill and the core issues remain largely unresolved. The deadlines of 19 June (for reaching agreement on integration modalities) and of 27 June (for the deployment of Secretariat staff of the 'Special Committee for the Supervision, Integration and Rehabilitation of the Maoist army‘ to support the envisaged Maoist army regrouping process) passed without successful consensus on these key steps. This situation has continued to hamper much of the technical and planning work of the Special Committee's Secretariat. While the likely parameters of rehabilitation packages have emerged, their structure and content remains undecided. Nevertheless, there are recent understandings between the parties, albeit highly informal and very tentative ones, on issues relating to negotiating the draft of the new constitution.

The fact that the Special Committee has missed the 19 and 27 June deadlines is less important than what the parties are able to agree and achieve before the current tenure of the Constituent Assembly expires at the end of August. Although time is once again dwindling, the parties have shown considerable capacity for quick action once consensus is achieved. Exhibiting mutual signals of flexibility could pave the way for such gains once again.