KOSHISH e-Newsletter, May 2021


‘MAY’ for Mental Health Awareness: A month-long campaign

KOSHISH in collaboration with UNDP and American Spaces kicked off a month-long awareness campaign beginning of May 2021. The objective of this campaign was to promote awareness on mental health and psychosocial wellbeing during the ongoing pandemic. The month of May is celebrated as mental health awareness month across different parts of the world.

For the campaign, KOSHISH developed and shared wellness promotional videos and tips through various social media platforms. Similarly, nine episodes of the podcast were developed and shared as well. A total of thirty-one wellness tips were posted on a daily basis in official social media platforms of KOSHISH like TikTok, Instagram, Insta Stories, Facebook, Facebook Stories and Twitter. Moreover, five wellness promotional videos were shared via Youtube as well. The posts were also shared by UNDP and American Spaces in their official social media platforms, where the total posts garnered 1533 Facebook likes, 437 Instagram likes, 63 Twitter likes and reached out to 98.5k organic audiences so far.