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India steps up rescue operations in quake hit Nepal

India carrying out yet another gigantic rescue and relief mission in neighbouring Nepal; Military and Civilian planes and helicopters assisting in big way evacuating people and transporting relief material; NDRF teams fan out in affected areas extricating people and bodies from rubble and debris.

Rescue workers on Monday stepped up efforts to locate survivors trapped under tonnes of rubble of flattened homes and buildings in earthquake-hit Nepal.

Rescue teams are reaching remote mountainous areas. Rescue teams with sniffer dogs and advanced equipment are desperately trying to locate survivors as hundreds of people are still missing. Nearly 5,400 Indians have been brought back so far from earthquake hit Nepal.

Indian Air Force in action just four hours after the earthquake that struck Nepal.The heavy lift aircrafts of the Indian air Force are constantly ferrying relief material on their flight to Kathmandu and return with Indian passengers. 4 Globemasters, 3 Hercules 3 IL76 and 2 An 32 have been on the job on Monday.

A gigantic mission in response to the tragedy and Air Force is living up to its motto -''Touch the sky with glory'' once again. 14 tonnes of dry ready to eat food is being loaded along with 5 tonnes of milk and baby food.

Nepal is reeling under the crises and this drinking water being loaded aboard a Hercules is badly needed. Power and communications are down and the roads are blocked. One more engineering task force of the Army was flown by the Air Force along with JCBs.

There are 6 medical teams of the Army already in Nepal , six more were flown in on Monday. The C17 Globemaster aircraft of the AirForce has been converted to a flying hospital.

On Saturday and Sunday, 10 INMAR satellite sets were flown to Kathmandu making communication possible. A satellite link was thus established between the Nepalese Army Headquarters and the Indian Army task force.When the world watched with horror, the Indian Air Force was the first to respond and reach Nepal within hours and will be on the mission till the last day.

Credible action on the ground, Consoling words from the leaders,food and medical aid, prayer meets, India is doing all it can to assuage its afflicted neighbor.

Power Grid Corporation has landed in Nepal and will try to restore electricity supply in Kathmandu.

PM Narendra Modi in a social message assured support lock stock and barrel to Nepal and also applauded the ingenuous efforts put in by the indian rescue agencies. A fact which is recognized by Nepal too.

Apart from providing immediate relief, the Indian Govt would provide free visa to foreigners who want to come to India from Nepal.

Union Home Minister informed Parliament on Monday that an inter-ministerial team comprising of senior officials from ministries of Home, Defence, External Affairs and NDMA has also been sent to Nepal.

NDMA has made National helpline operational with immediate effect.011-1078 is the nationwide number that will cater to calls regarding the earthquake.

The Indians citizens through prayer meets and messages on social media have extended support to Nepalese people and have proved that help and concern are not just the realms of diplomacy.

From Dharmshala to Amritsar to Vadodra and Chennai, Indians are not only praying for the welfare of the neighbors but also doing their bit to help the quake ravaged country.

The engineering task force of the Indian army is also clearing land slides on the routes leading to the affected areas .India has also decided to add additional bogies to facilitate greater traffic on the railways from Raxaul and Gorakhpur and has appointed liasion officers at many places.

As the PM said India is doing everything to maximise the relief and minimise the tribulations faced by Nepal.