Hundreds displaced in Nepal flooding

Kathmandu_(dpa) _ Hundreds of people were displaced after heavy monsoon rains triggered flash floods in southern Nepal, local media reports said Sunday.

They said at least three south-eastern districts in the plains were affected by the floods that followed two days of incessant rains across eastern and central Nepal on Friday and Saturday.

The worst-affected district was Mahottarai, about 130 kilometres south-east of the capital Kathmandu, where as many as 400 people were displaced from their homes, the English-language daily Kathmandu Post reported.

Flash floods washed away a dam on Ratu River submerging five villages and forcing residents to seek shelter on higher grounds or leave their homes, the Post quoted government agencies as saying.

The rising water had also submerged crops and was reportedly heading south threatening dozens of villages. No deaths have been reported so far.

Nepal meteorological department in Kathmandu said the area had received as much as 150 millimetres of rain over a 24 hour period on Friday and more rain fell on Saturday.

Nepal usually receives heavy rains during monsoon season from June to end of September and flash floods and landslides are common across the Himalayan nation.

Many areas of Nepal receive more than 1,500 millimetres of rainfall annually, 90 per cent of the rain falling during the monsoon season. dpa kr tl


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