Global charities to build shelter for Nepali conflict-hit children

KATHMANDU, Aug 5, 2005 (Xinhua via COMTEX) -- Global charity Help Nepal Network, in collaboration with Nepal Balbalika Trust (NBT), a British- registered charity, will build a residential shelter for conflict- hit children in Nepal.

"NBT will come up with its ambitious World's Highest Gig, where artists will sing from the 5,545 meters on the Mount Everest and collect funds for the purpose," the statement released by NBT said Friday.

As planned, some 50 kids facing difficulty in finding a refuge in the wake of conflict will be sheltered in this home in Banepa, some 30 km from Kathmandu, and imparted learning skills in safe and caring environment, according to the statement.

A lot of friends of Nepal working and studying abroad wish to see Nepal improving and do something for Nepal, the statement said, adding that many countries have already started contributing a fraction of their income to build school and health posts in Nepal 's remote districts.