Gender Equality Update no. 24 - COVID-19 initiatives by Gender In Humanitarian Task Team (GIHA TT) members (November 05, 2020)

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During the COVID-19 pandemic, civil society organizations (CSOs) in Nepal are closely monitoring and responding to the emerging health and socio-economic needs of communities on the ground. The Gender in Humanitarian Action Task Team (GIiHA TT) chaired by UN Women, is a multi-stakeholder dialogue platform comprised of government, civil society and development partners. lt has served as a constructive virtual dialogue forum, honoring diversity of voices, demonstrating thought leadership and enabling greater coherence for coordination of efforts around GESI, particularly in the context of COVID-19, As a result of GIHA TT collective advocacy efforts, the Supreme Court issued a landmark directive order prioritizing women's rights. The order emphasizes the representation of women in the planning, management and monitoring processes of the government 's efforts on COVID-19.

This Gender Equality Update highlights the COVID-19 response of four CSOs and women's networks that are part of the GiHA TT.

Women’s Movement in Nepal: Upholding principles of equality and non-discrimination

As part of the COVID-19 response, the women's network drafted a Charter of Demands (CoD) with the support of UN Women. The Charter calls upon Nepal's government to follow human rights standards in their COVID-19 response and emphasizes the need to uphold the principles of equality and non-discrimination. lt captures the voices and demands of feminist leaders and is focused on creating awareness about the needs and interests of the most marginalized. These groups include women, children, elderly citizens, persons with disabilities, rural wmen, LGBTIQ+ groups, sex workers, those working in the informal economy, refugees, migrants, indigenous peoples, and people without identity documents. The CoD was submitted to chief executives of seven municipalities, four provinces, and eight national government entities.

The Inter-Generational Feminist Forum (IGFF) is a network of diverse, inter-generational feminist leaders who have been actively participating in a series of “Thought Workshops” facilitated by UN Women Nepal since 2017. The IGFF aims to build the capacity of inter-generational feminist leaders who are committed to promoting transformative leadership and sustaining gains in gender equality and empowerment to advance a feminist agenda.