Focused COVID-19 Media Monitoring, Nepal (September 24, 2021)

Situation Report
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Emerging Theme(s):

  • Nepal reported 941 new COVID-19 infections, 13 deaths on September 23; though COVID-19 infections have been declining Health Ministry has told all to remain alert as mutation might lead to increase in infections
  • Doctors worry about double whammy of seasonal flu and COVID-19 infections as winter sets on and cases of seasonal flu are rising
  • Cabinet has decided to reopen all southern border checkpoints that have remained shut since the first lockdown last year; on-arrival visa to be issued to tourists visiting Nepal; risk of spread of COVID-19 infection projected to increase in Province 2 with the reopening of checkpoints on Nepal-India border as people are entering without undergoing proper health checkups
  • Kathmandu Metropolitan City to reopen schools for in-person classes from September 26