Focused COVID-19 Media Monitoring, Nepal (January 13, 2022)

Situation Report
Originally published


Emerging Theme(s):

  • Nepal reported 2 448 new COVID-19 cases, 2 deaths on 12 January pushing number of active cases to 11 690; Nepal’s COVID-19 infection rate went up by 9% in a week; Delta variant confirmed in 78% of samples that tested positive in the month of Poush; Health Ministry projects 40% citizens will be infected with Omicron variant
  • Vaccine card, negative report of PCR done within 48 hours mandatory for those entering Biratnagar from India via Jogbani; daily test positivity rate rising in Antigen Test carried out on people entering Nepal from India at Belahiya border point; locals of Mahottari district fear rapid spread of coronavirus as people start returning from Haryana, Punjab, Delhi and Chennai in India; health monitoring lax at border points
  • Number of people being hospitalized due to COVID-19 increasing as daily test positivity rate spikes
  • Home Ministry not sure about immediate lockdown, it would depend on infection and mortality rates of coming days, has cancelled all passes eligible for entry into Singh Durbar; experts warn that another lockdown would be suicidal; rapid surge and spread in COVID-19 infections is due to the government’s inability to put counter measures in place when there was time
  • Number of people coming to immunization centers to get vaccinated against COVID-19 has gone up drastically; the unvaccinated 10 times more at risk of contracting the Omicron variant
  • From president to ex-king, political parties to common man, everyone flouted government directives against making a crowd as people gathered in huge numbers to mark 300th birth anniversary of king Prithvi Narayan Shah on 11 January