DMIC Situation Report on Earthquake 26 April 2015

Situation Report
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Bangladesh Meteorological Department confirmed that another earthquake occurred at 13 hours 09 minutes 08 second BST today in Kodari, Nepal (27.794°N, 85.974°E, Magnitude 6.6, depth 10.0km) a continuation of yesterday’s earthquake (7.8 magnitude occurred at 12 hours 11 minutes 27.2 seconds BST, 25 April, 2015, centered on the Barpak region of Nepal, North West of Kathmandu (28.08º N, Long.: 84.86º E, depth 15 km)).

The epicenter of today’s earthquake is estimated to be at a distance of 612 km North- West of BMD Seismic Centre, Agargaon, Dhaka. Few more earthquake also occurred as reported in the following two websites: and

Government of Bangladesh has an emergency meeting held on Ministry of Disaster Management of Relief today at 1230 hours. The ministry has decided to provide awareness messages on do's and don'ts in the print and electronic media for the earthquake.

Emergency assessment activities taken by the Government of Bangladesh to ascertain the extent of the earthquake’s impact on the country is going on. Department of Disaster Management (DDM) has received further feedback from local level officials in total 19 districts. Simultaneously the media is reporting a range of impacts some, but not all, of which have been confirmed by government sources spoken to by DMIC at this time. DDM is still seeking to confirm information about:

  1. The extent of any major damage to infrastructure and human settlements and
  2. Any immediate needs for rescue services or relief that cannot be managed locally.