DFID Nepal Portfolio Review 2012/13

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DFID Nepal’s Operational Plan 2011-2015

The UK Government’s Department for International Development (DFID) prepared an Operational Plan for Nepal during 2010. This plan commits up to £331 million of UK official development assistance during the period 2011-2015. Our Operational Plan is set around four pillars that we believe are critical to secure long term peace and development in Nepal; (1) Governance & Security (2) Inclusive Wealth Creation, (3) Service Delivery (4) Climate & Disaster Resilience. Gender and Social Inclusion is a major cross-cutting theme throughout all of our work and is reflected in our results. By 2015 we will achieve the following results in partnership with the Government of Nepal:

  • Create 230,000 jobs, 50% of them for women
  • Build 532 km and maintain 3,700 km of road
  • Reduce the climate and disaster vulnerability of four million poor people, of which 2.19 million will be women
  • Lift 570,000 people out of poverty through the forestry programme, of which 313,500 will be women
  • 93 percentage of local government bodies conducting public audits for every project
  • Support 7 million people to vote in Constituent Assembly elections
  • Avert 400,000 unwanted pregnancies
  • Ensure 250,000 people (51% women) benefit from safe latrines