Death count continues to rise overnight in Nepal

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Kathmandu, Nepal (April 26, 2015) --- The death toll after Saturday’s earthquake continues to rise overnight in Nepal.

The count is now at least 2,200 people dead and around 4,600 more have been injured. Save the Children is concerned that the death toll is likely to continue rising, as the day progresses and information from some of the affected districts become available.

“Shelter assistance is urgently needed. Many families have their houses destroyed or damaged and have to stay outside. Nights are cold”, says Roger Hodgson, Deputy Country Director for Save the Children in Nepal.

“We also need to provide clean water urgently. Access to clean water is a recurrent problem in many parts of Nepal, even in normal time”, adds Hodgson.

“We are particularly concerned by the situation in some of the most affected districts outside of the Kathmandu Valley. Information coming from these districts is still limited. We are sending assessment teams to these areas” Hodgson says.

Save the Children has some emergency kits, hygiene materials and tarpaulins already in Nepal and ready for distribution. “We hope to start distribution to the affected families as soon as possible.

"The earthquake and aftershocks are an important source of stress for the survivors, and particularly for children. Psychological support for children and their families should rapidly be established," Hodgson added.


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*Save the Children has been working in Nepal since 1976. Our work focuses on education, especially early childhood development and primary education, as well as basic health, including maternal child health and HIV and AIDS prevention and care. We work in 63 districts of Nepal


Brad Kerner, Public Health Director, Save the Children, US Brad is a native of New York, Connecticut resident, aiding in the response in Katmandu Mobile:203.209.6560 Skype: bradkerner

Peter Oyloe, Director for Nutrition, Save the Children Nepal Mobile: + 977 9851057677 Skype: peteroyloe

Roger Hodgson, Deputy Country Director, Save the Children Nepal Mobile: + 977 9851084202 Skype: rogerjohn

More About the Earthquake in Nepal

The epicentre of the massive quake was 80km (50 miles) east of Pokhara, approximately half way between the town and the capital Kathmandu.

Strong tremors have been felt as far away as Delhi.

Initial reports indicate significant damage, with many buildings collapsing and casualties being rushed to hospital. There is a high prospect of significant damage and fatalities, with children and the elderly most at risk.

Government emergency workers are reportedly already on the scene in the most damaged areas. Save the Children teams on the ground are coordinating an emergency response.

In response, Save the Children has launched a disaster response on the ground in Nepal with emergency assistance during this difficult time. Save the Children has worked in Nepal since 1976 and have extensive programs throughout the country. This is the worst earthquake in Nepal in the last 81 years.

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