Covid19: Nepal Covid 19 and Flood Response Situation Report No.XX, as of 17 August 2020


  • The districts with COVID-19 active positive cases are 72 out of 77, with 107 deaths. According to the Ministry of Health and Population (MoHP), age group of 91 per cent COVID-19 cases ranged from 11 to 50; 84 per cent cases are men (MoHP).

  • Following the increase of COVID-19 positive cases after lifting the lockdown, the Government of Nepal (GoN) has imposed several restrictions including odd and even number plate system in districts with 200 plus active COVID-19 cases, except for essential services. Non- essential services have been shut in many parts of the country, where the COVID 19 positive cases are increasing.

  • Closure of long route buses, domestic and international airport has been extended to 31 August, 2020; Issuance of inter-district passes to vehicles has been halted; closure of VISA services until further notice, restrictions on entry points into Nepal from India has been imposed until 16 September midnight, except for goods and cargo and Nepalese returning home.

  • GoN has urged all offices, including government, non-government, banks, cooperatives, microfinance institutions, among others, having direct contact with the people and service seekers to provide services through electronic means. The GoN has also decided to postpone all services that are not possible through online, virtual or electronic services until further notice.

  • Similarly, Kathmandu District Administration Office has restricted, vending of vegetables, fruits, and clothes on footpaths, pushcarts and bicycles, and collection of scraps. All the religious activities and gatherings are banned, except for daily prayers festivals observed among family members at home.

  • Restrictions are still in place for all schools, colleges, tuition centers, saloon, zoo, theatres, gym, training centers, gatherings, and meetings.

  • Allow factories/business to operate in Kathmandu Valley only if they set up private quarantines ensuring strict health protocols. All projects, factories and other industries need to provide food and shelter to their workers on their premises (UNDSS Report, 15 August 2020).

  • Hotels and Restaurants can no longer host guests and can only offer take away services while other provisions on regulation of restrictive measures have been sketched out too.

  • The GoN has decided to give permission to airlift only 500 Nepalese per day through the government permitted international flights and airlines. Such airlifted Nepalese should, however, stay in the prescribed quarantines to be arranged in the Valley before being taken to their respective districts after undergoing PCR tests within 5 to 7 days.

  • Nearly 29 out of 100 respondents interviewed said their families were stressed due to the uncertain future facing them in the metropolis (Kathmandu Metropolitan City Survey on ‘Impact of COVID-19 on Livelihood’).

  • The Department of Drug Management has given permission to three private companies that have met the criteria to purchase 'Remdesivir'. Three private companies have been allowed to buy the drug 'Remdesivir', which is considered successful in the treatment of corona infections.