COVID-19 Situation Update #5, 26 July to 8 August 2021 (Issue date: 11 August 2021)

Situation Report
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  • On July 4, the Ministry of Health and Population reported 1,042 new coronavirus infections, the lowest number of daily cases since the second wave of the pandemic began in the second half of April. However, on July 26 the number of positive cases reached the highest with 3,702.

  • The highly infectious Delta and Delta plus variants of SARS-CoV-2 have been circulating in the country.

  • As of 8 August, 802 patients are in I.C.U., 181 patients are in ventilators, 35,485 people are in isolation and 475 people are in quarantine.

  • Prohibitory orders across the country, imposed from the end of April were gradually loosened from mid-June when the number of cases started to come down.

  • The number of daily infections has been rising with relaxations in prohibitory orders.

  • Public gatherings are still prohibited, banquet venues, sports venues, clubs and cinema halls are still closed.

  • Educational institutions are closed although university examinations are going on. Food services like, restaurants are only allowed to provide takeaway services.

  • Public health experts, epidemiologists, virologists as well as officials at the Ministry of Health and Population have warned that a third wave of the pandemic is inevitable


  • Nepal needs to inoculate 72 percent of its 30 million population, or around 22 million people for which it will need 44 million doses of double-shot vaccines.

  • As of 8 August, 8.398% of total population were fully vaccinated and 15.145% are partially vaccinated.

  • Government of Nepal stated that a total of 24,300,000 doses of vaccine will be imported by 15 October 2021.