COVID-19 Situation Update #3 28 June to 11 July 2021 Issue date: 14 July 2021

Situation Report
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  • The positivity rate is 24%, which is still very high as per the WHO guidelines.

  • The authorities in Kathmandu Valley decided to relax the restrictive measures. Restrictions on activities that can lead to overcrowding such as conferences, cinema halls, party palaces, swimming, and other sports, gath-ering at public spaces, as well as educational institu-tions are still on.

  • With the number of cases continuing to rise and prohibi-tory orders relaxing, experts have highlighted the ur-gency to vaccinate as many people as possible to re-duce the risk and severity of infection.

  • Health experts have warned that a third wave of the pandemic could hit the country within a matter of days.

  • Children are at higher risk of this third wave. There are only around 350 pediatricians in-country and about 340 NICUs, PICUs and ventilators for children under 18.

  • There is no actual data on the infection rate in the com-munities which is another major concern says one of the health experts at a government hospital.

  • So far, a total of 3,653,173 people in Nepal have been vaccinated across the country, of which 2,611,807 have received the first dose while only 1,041,366 individuals are fully vaccinated.

  • The number of COVID-19 patients is increasing (since the relaxation of the prohibitory orders) in the govern-ment hospitals of Kathmandu Valley.