CFE-DMHA Disaster Information Report: Nepal Earthquake April 28, 2015, CDIR No. 4


Key Concerns & Trends

The GON is leading response efforts through the National Emergency Operations Center (NEOC). The Nepal Army continues to coordinate foreign military efforts through the Multi-National Military Coordination Center (MNMCC) at Army HQ.

  • Focus of response has shifted to outside of Kathmandu

  • Access to the country remains difficult due to limited space at the airport and the amount of incoming humanitarian aid

  • GON says no more additional USAR teams required; all Foreign Medical Teams not on the ground still advised to stand by (VOSOCC)

  • Access outside Kathmandu reported to be extremely limited. Situation outside of populated areas remains unclear (UN)

  • Large aftershocks continue to hit the region, threatening to further damage weakened infrastructure (LOG cluster)