Assessment on Winter Preparedness in High-Altitude Region of Central Sindupalchok


by Karol Skałowski, PCPM

1. Introduction

Sindupalchok Region was the region mostly severe affected by the April and May earthquakes. The study area, where assessment was conducted, was central Sindupalchok, north of Melamchi. This area was chosen because villages located there are with poor connection to the main road and the altitude is rising quickly (from 900m - Melamchi to 2500m - Sermathang in less than 10km of road).

These factors indicate that the study area may had limitations in NFI distribution after the earthquake and after the monsoon and also, because of the elevation, temperature drops quickly in winter season.

Villages visited during the assessment where permanent villages with people habituating there for many years. Each village was assessed in matters of help that people received, types of shelters and existing capacity for the winter season.