2,000 households affected by floods in Kailali

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Published on 21 Jul 2013 View Original

Nearly 2,000 households in Kailali district have been badly affected with inundations and floods triggered by the torrential rainfall, state-owned news agency RSS reports.

Administrative Officer at the District Administration Office, Kailali, Chiranjivi Ghimire said Dhangadhi Municipality alone has 1,000 houses inundated with floods while other VDCs have 1,000 households affected.

The flooded Kailali, Shivnagar and Baiya Bahedi rivers in the district reached the settlements of Saraswatinagar, Shivnagar, Ghantinagar village, Beli, Taranagar, Dhangadhi Municipality and freed-kamaiya area.

The flooded rivers collapsed six houses near the bank.

Malakheti, Geta, Ramshikharjhala, Chaumala, Pahalmanpur, Phulbari, Hasuliya, Lalbojhi, Dhansingpur, Bhajani and other VDCs are waterlogged.

The police have shifted the affected families to a safe places.

The people in Lalbojhi VDC with little height from the river bank spent nights staying on house roofs. Although the VDC is completely inundated, no rescue team has reached there till now.

Meanwhile, Chandra Bhattarai, 13, from Malakheti VDC was swept away by a local river. However, a 25-year-old man swept away by the same river was found alive three km down from the place he disappeared.

Similarly, the floods from Kandra River eroded the blacktopped road at Pahalmanpur of the Kailali district. The locals said even the bridge over the Kandra river was going to collapse with floods.

The District Natural Disaster Rescue Committee and Nepal Red Cross Society have been distributing fast-foods to the affected people and collecting data on the loss of life and properties. Nepalnews.com