Project Highlights: Increase water access through improved infrastructure in the Republic of Namibia

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To improve access to water in line with the Drought Response Plan of the Government of Namibia.

Key partners:

Directorate of Disaster Risk Management in the Office of the Prime Minister and the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Land Reform.

**Beneficiaries reached: 144 households (768 people).

Activities implemented:

• Rehabilitated eight boreholes, equipping each with a solar-powered pumping system and a raised water tank with a 10 000-litre capacity, benefiting 96 households and 4 160 heads of livestock.

• Upgraded four wells, fitting each with a solar-powered pumping system and a concrete safety cover, benefiting 48 households and 720 heads of livestock.

• Installed one pipeline 350 m in length to shorten the distance communities need to travel to access water.


• Increased access to clean water, improving livestock productivity and enabling beneficiary communities to sustain their livestock-based livelihoods.

• Reduced the distance vulnerable pastoralists need to travel to provide water to their livestock.

• Reduced the burden, particularly for women and youth, of carrying water for household consumption over long distances, leading to a more equitable division of labour.

• Improved safety of collecting water from wells, particularly for children.

• Increased opportunities for households to diversify their livelihoods, with the possibility to produce vegetables on a small scale.