No flood deaths in Caprivi

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by Mathias Haufiku

WINDHOEK – No life has been lost due to floods in the Caprivi Region despite the severity of the floods in some of the flooded areas.

In a telephonic interview, Governor of the Caprivi Region Lawrence Sampofu, confirmed that no deaths have been recorded as a result of the recent floods. The Governor said since last week Thursday, the level of water in the Zambezi River has been fluctuating between 1cm to 3cm a day.

Sampofu said so far, two schools have been relocated to Schukmannsberg, namely Namiyundu and Nankuntwe Junior Secondary Schools. About 2000 learners are affected.

Tents have been availed for the Schools to set up makeshift classrooms. Lodges near the river are also badly affected and have been compelled to halt their operations due to flooding.

"Residents in flood-prone areas were relocated to places such as Schukmannsburg, Kabbe and Lusese. Relocation camps were also erected at Lisikili and Imukusi," explained Sampofu.

He also said so far, there have been no reports of any disease outbreaks in the region.

"Currently most crop fields are underwater, therefore we expect a low harvest within the region. We just hope that Government can be of assistance in the form of drought relief programmes in order for people to have something to eat after the floods subside," he stated.

The Regional Governor said recent heavy rains destroyed most roads in and outside Katima Mulilo. The flood situation has led to potholes posing a great danger to motorists.

He stated that although there are people who have opted for permanent placement on higher ground, some residents in the flood prone areas are still reluctant to move. Kavango Regional Governor, Maurus Nekaro, is relatively at ease with the current flood situation and said the current floods are not as severe as those of last year.

The Kavango Governor also declared that the current floods have not claimed lives thus far.

He stated that there is no outbreak of diseases reported in the flood prone areas. "Mayana is the only place that is flooded as we speak. Unlike other regions, we do not have problems of schools requiring closure due to the floods," said Nekaro.

According to Nekaro, residents from Mayana were relocated to higher ground. Although learners residing in Mayana were relocated, they still attend school, said Nekaro.

He said the Kavango region has not encountered problems regarding damage to roads or damage to property or businesses.