Namibia: Food Insecurity Emergency appeal n° MDRNA009 Operations update n° 8


Appeal History

This Emergency Appeal was launched on 30 September 2015 for CHF 950,205 to support the Namibia Red Cross Society (NRCS) to reach 3,200 households (11,500 individuals) with short and medium-term humanitarian interventions. Programmes were designed to be implemented over a seven-month period and sought to address immediate food security and water requirements through emergency assistance provision; long-term livelihoods support with community gardens development; sustainable water access through spring and borehole cleaning/creation; and hygiene promotion.

• Operations Update no1 was issued on 26 October 2015

• Operations Update no2 was issued on 12 November 2015

• Operations Update no3 was issued on 3 May 2016

• Six-Month Operations Update was issued on 23 May 2016

• Operations Update no5 was issued on 3 August 2016

The Appeal revision was done in September 2016 to cater for needed implementation time by the National Society. In July, the Government of Namibia declared the drought an emergency. This allowed NRCS to continue lobbying for more resources to sustain the beneficiaries currently receiving support or more until end of lean season. At the time of writing, the Appeal has an overall operational budget of CHF 1,351,937 and is 45 percent covered. As such, the operation has been able to only cater for 1,200 beneficiaries with emergency food assistance provision and 4,000 beneficiaries for the water points rehabilitation.

Since the government’s drought emergency declaration, the situation on the ground did not improve necessitating the Government of Namibia to further prolong the intervention periods for another four (4) months from September-December 2016. This allowed NRCS to revisit its Appeal and lobby more resources. As a result, NRCS with the technical support of the IFRC revised the Appeal and relaunched in September 2016.

In December 2016, a request for a time and cost-extension was made to the BRCS for an extension of the pledge for CHF 175,000 to allow NRCS to complete planned activities and was accepted.

• Operations Update no6 was issued on 30 March 2017

• Operations Update no7 was issued on 29 May 2017 and it was meant to request a non-cost extension to allow the NRCS to finalize the remaining activities related to cash distribution and the final operation evaluation, which is feeding into a Southern Africa evaluation of the food insecurity emergency appeals.

This Operations Update seeks to provide an update of the activities conducted so far as well as to request a two-month extension until 30 September 2017, with no budget changes. The affected communities still require support to meet their basic food needs as such this extension is basically to allow the National Society to conduct the last cash transfer activities, post distribution monitoring as well as reporting. Therefore, there is no change in budget, no change in beneficiaries and no change in the intervention strategy