Mattresses, food donated to flood victims


About 259 flood victims from Onesi and Ruacana constituencies yesterday received a donation of goods worth N$70 000 from the National Special Risks Insurance Association (Nasria).

The donation included 230 mattresses, toiletries and food, including snacks for children. Two cattle were also donated to the flood victims, who will each also receive a blanket. The two groups from Onesi and Ruacana were relocated to an emergency centre following heavy rains flooding their homes at the start of the month.

About 50 homesteads were submerged by floodwater, resulting in the regional government relocating residents to higher ground. The relocated inhabitants included schoolchildren, people with disabilities and pensioners. Receiving the donation the Governor of Omusati Region, Erginus Endjala, appealed to corporate institutions to emulate the good gesture.

“This tells us that there are people with good hearts when phenomena such as floods occur,” said Endjala.
He appealed to the victims to continue working in their mahangu fields once the water at their homes subside. The CEO of Nasria, Ndjoura Tjozongoro, said the association has a social responsibility to respond to natural disasters.

“These are our people that we should look after,” said Tjozongoro.
Sofia Nghilifwa, who was relocated with four of her children, said she was grateful for the donation. Another recipient William Johannes, who has a disability, appealed to the government to construct houses for them to avoid their evacuation when the area is flooded again.

The two recipients are both from Otjihoto village.
Nasria is the insurance association that covers riot, civil commotion and labour disturbances and recently extended a hand to flood victims.