ACT Appeal: Follow-on drought response in Namibia – NAM141

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Appeal Target: US$235,429

Balance Requested: US$167,865

Geneva, 31 January 2014

Dear Colleagues,

In the period 2013/2014 Namibia experienced a widespread drought that has severely impacted food security and livelihoods mostly for the rural communities. The LWF Department for World Service in partnership with the United Church Council of Namibia Evangelical Lutheran Church (UCC/NELC) has been responding to the situation through ACT Appeal NAM131.

This appeal is a follow on response to NAM131, to carry through the communities until the next harvests only expected in June 2014. The current situation is that the country has lately been experiencing some rainfall and people in the rural areas have started to plant their fields. It is too early though to guarantee a good harvest. Apparently the cash grant in the current appeal (NAM131) ends with the February payout. This is a crucial moment for people who are struggling to make a transition towards a meaningful recovery from drought. It is this current transitional period that people need much support as all the food stocks are depleted and market prices high for both food and farming inputs like seed; hence the launching of this new ACT appeal NAM141

The overall goal of the response is to alleviate suffering through immediate relief assistance to targeted households during this acute transitional period of March to May 2014 until planted crops begin to ripen. The intervention will focus on food security through cash grants only.