At Work Together



This publication captures the multifaceted nature of the United Nations’ work in Myanmar. It presents a snapshot of activities within a range of thematic areas, demonstrating how and where members of the UN family in Myanmar are working together, in close cooperation with national and international partners.

Through partnerships, the UN in Myanmar is committed to continue its support in the country’s socio-economic development and providing access to health, nutrition, food security, protection and livelihood opportunities for its people. Assistance to the people and communities affected by Cyclone Nargis, which struck in May 2008, remains on the agenda, as well as efforts to build capacity and take measures to reduce the risks of future disasters in the country.

Represented by 16 funds, programmes, specialized agencies and offices, and with activities throughout the country, the UN is able to demonstrate that it can deliver assistance in an accountable, transparent and efficient manner. The results that have been achieved – since the first UN office opened in 1948 – are attributable to the cooperation with the authorities, national and international nongovernmental organization, regional institutions, donors and other key partners that characterizes our work.

The UN System is striving to enhance effectiveness and improve coordination internally, as well as with its partners. As part of this process, the UN Country Team in Myanmar is developing a Strategic Framework for Assistance in close cooperation with national authorities and other development partners, taking its starting point in the country’s efforts to achieve the Millennium Development Goals. Four priorities have been set for 2011-2015:

• Increase equitable access to quality social services

• Encourage pro-poor growth (both rural and urban), including agricultural development and enhancement of employment opportunities

• Promote good governance, democracy and human rights

• Reduce vulnerability to natural disasters and climate change

The UN is dedicated to turning these priorities into concrete actions that matters to the people of Myanmar. For that, we count on continuous partnership and cooperation to meet existing humanitarian needs and overcome barriers to socioeconomic development.

Bishow Parajuli
UN Resident/Humanitarian Coordinator Myanmar