Water shortages faced in Sagaing Region

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According to local residents, water shortages are currently being experienced a month earlier than previous years in the Sagaing Region village of Inn Paw, located in Kani township.

The region is usually hit by a scarcity in the availability of water during the month of April, but this year drinking water shortages have been felt as early as the beginning of February.

“We’re experiencing a shortage of water in this region before the arrival of the summer months. The residents and animals of our region suffer when we don’t have access to water. There is some water left in the government built well.” said U Win Naing Oo, the local administrator for Inn Paw village.

The main water reserve for the village of Inn Paw, which is located roughly 45 miles away from the town of Mapin, is a reservoir but it is known that this is quickly drying out.

“We’re going to have a real water shortage in our village before long. We’re going to have to start buying barrels of water [from the well] to use which will be priced at K300. It would be better if the government would work as much as its capacity will allow in order to provide water for our village.” said a Inn Paw resident, Ko Poe Lone.

Local residents are currently paying K300 per barrel of water from the government dug well. It is known the fee incurred for the water barrels pays the electricity bill of the water pump which sucks up the water from inside the well.

When the region suffers from annual water shortages, as well as the local development committee distributing water around in vehicles, civil society groups and charitable residents come to make donations.

Myitmakha News Agency