VAM (Vulnerability Analysis Mapping) WFP Myanmar (November 2014)

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In many areas of Myanmar, WFP has long been the most reliable and regular source of food security and vulnerability information, backing the programme work of WFP and other stakeholders tacking food insecurity in the country. However, in a country with high diversities between and within the 15 Regions and States, information on food security has remained geographically scattered, with multiple indicators of food insecurity collected with little regard to seasonality. This hinders understanding of fluctuations in seasonal vulnerabilities and impacts the overall usefulness of the information collected for programme design. Notwithstanding its central role as an information provider to partners, WFP values the need, as a service provider, to build on its Vulnerability Analysis Mapping (VAM) capacities and activities in order to better serve stakeholders and beneficiaries in Myanmar. WFP recognizes the need to create a more integrated and comprehensive information system, which will provide the evidence base required to design the most appropriate responses to food insecurity.