Myanmar + 12 more

UNHCR Asia and the Pacific COVID-19 External Update (10 September 2021)


9.8 million Persons of concern

4.2 million Refugees and Asylum seekers

3.5 million Internally displaced persons

158,000 Returnees

2.3 million Stateless persons


  • The rapid deterioration of the COVID-19 situation in Myanmar since June 2021 has continued with the country now in its most severe wave of infections so far. Despite a recent decline in the positivity rate (now under 20%), pandemic remains of significant concern. The total number of recorded COVID19 cases in the country is now over 396,000 – around 32 per cent more cases since the end of July, with 15,287 deaths among reported cases, over 5,600 of these coming in August alone.

  • Bangladesh continues to see an increasing number COVID-19 cases which have now crossed the 1.5 million mark. In the refugee camps in Cox’s Bazar, as of 31 August, 2,893 positive cases and 30 deaths had been recorded since March 2020. Worryingly, over 1,100 of these cases and 10 deaths were recorded in July and August alone.