UN deeply concerned over clashes in Northern Shan State


Yangon, 2 March, 2016.- The United Nations expresses its deep concern over rising tensions and armed clashes in Northern Shan State which are having a direct and negative impact on the civilian population. While the fighting has subsided in recent days and some people have been able to return home, nearly 3,400 people remain displaced in Kyaukme Township and over 1,200 displaced people are still in shelters in Mong Wee, Namhkam Township. The UN, along with the Government and other actors, has provided relief materials and services.

We remind all parties to armed conflict in Myanmar that they are bound to uphold their legal obligations to respect International Humanitarian and Human Rights Law. This includes the ensuring of protection of civilians, allowing safe passage to people fleeing conflict areas, allowing access of humanitarian assistance, and taking every possible measure to avoid harm to the civilian population. In addition, all parties to the conflict are obliged to protect the human rights of all, including when these rights come under threat as a result of military clashes. The United Nations calls upon all parties to exercise maximum restraint and engage in meaningful dialogue towards a peaceful solution to the conflict.