Turkey's aid to Southeast Asia following tsunami disaster and other recent humanitarian aid by Turkey, 26 Jan 2005

from Government of Turkey
Published on 26 Jan 2005
Turkey's total contribution to the region affected by the earthquake and tsunamis of 26 December 2004 is approaching 15 million USD. Aside from Government contributions, the contributions of civil society to various ongoing aid campaigns are increasing daily.
Turkey is among the first 30 countries to supply the largest amount of aid to the region.

Following the suffering caused by the earthquake and tsunami catastrophe in Southeast Asia, Turkey was among the first countries among the international community to reach out a helping hand and provide wide-ranging assistance to the affected nations.

The Turkish Government donated a total of 5 million US Dollars to Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Malaysia, the Maldives, Somalia, the Seychelles and Myanmar immediately after the catastrophe.

In addition, two military transport planes were dispatched by the Turkish Government on 16 January 2005 to deliver humanitarian aid to Indonesia and Sri Lanka.

A 35-person relief team comprising doctors, nurses and support personnel from the Ministry of Health and the Turkish Red Crescent has also been dispatched to Indonesia.

Acting on a request from the Turkish Red Crescent, the Prime Ministry will dispatch another 2 cargo planes carrying emergency aid equipment and personnel to the region.

A Turkish Red Crescent disaster relief team comprising experts and volunteers has commenced a five-month humanitarian aid operation in Southeast Asia.

A broad public fund raising campaign for Southeast Asia has been launched by the Turkish Red Crescent and the Turkish Directorate General for Disaster Management is underway. The ongoing campaign is being supported by the three major Turkish GSM operators through an appeal to their customers to contribute via SMS.

Turkish NGOs are also actively engaged in humanitarian aid activities. At present, relief teams from 10 Turkish NGOs are conducting aid operations in the region.