Toungoo Interview: Saw A---, November 2016 (Interview November 28, 2017/ KHRG #17-17-A2-I1)

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This Interview with Saw A--- describes events occurring in Htantabin (Htaw Ta Htoo) Township,
Toungoo (Taw Oo) District, on November 15th 2016, including development, land seizures, healthcare, education, livelihood, past abuses and perspectives on youth empowerment, and the KNU and NLD governments.

  • Wealthy individual and private landowner, U Than Htay, confiscated 200 acres of land from Htee Pa Loh villagers, starting in 2006-2007 in Htantabin Township, Toungoo District. Although their lands were confiscated, some were later returned. Villagers have also been continuing to work on the plantations which have yet to be returned, showing that they oppose the land confiscation.

  • Saw A--- stated that people in his village contract diseases, mostly malaria. There is no clinic in his village but government health workers come to give vaccinations once a month. When villagers are severely ill, they are sent to Toungoo Hospital but the medical fees are expensive and are difficult to afford for most villagers.

  • Saw A--- returned to his original village in 2004, after a long period of displacement which started around 1993 and 1994, when the Tatmadaw came to attack his village.
    The villagers were first displaced to Magyi Kone village. They later moved to Na Ga Mauk village after Magyi Kone village was burnt down by the Tatmadaw.