Thematic Analysis 2011: Achieving the Millennium Development Goals in Myanmar

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Executive Summary

In this Thematic Analysis for Myanmar, the United Nations Country Team analyzes the current development situation in line with the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and the broader Millennium Declaration and begins to answer the question: Where and how can the United Nations have the most impact between 2012 and 2015 on accelerating and sustaining progress towards the MDGs in the country? In so doing, it points to key constraints to development while highlighting potential for improvement, particularly in areas that are off-track or making slow progress toward achievement of the MDGs by the global 2015 timeline.

The answers to the questions posed by the Thematic Analysis serve as the basis for identifying strategic priorities to inform the United Nations Strategic Framework for Myanmar for 2012-2015.ombining both national priorities and the urgency of accelerating MDG progress, four such strategic priorities will represent the focus of United Nations Country Team engagement in Myanmar during the relevant period:

i. Encouraging inclusive growth, both rural and urban, including agricultural development and enhance ment of employment opportunities
ii. Increasing equitable access to quality social services
iii. Reducing vulnerability to natural disasters and climate change
iv. Promoting good governance and strengthening democratic institutions and rights