Rakhine State Government Announcement (1/2014), 23 July 2014

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  1. The members of the Emergency Coordination Centre (ECC) met with representatives of the diplomatic corps, the United Nations agencies, international non-governmental organizations,
    Rakhine state government, civil society organizations based in Rakhine state, and experts and scholars from Myanmar Peace Center (MPC) on June 26-27 at MPC in Yangon to discuss the Action Plan for Peace, Stability and Development in Rakhine state. In addition to the discussion on how to improve humanitarian aid delivery and relief efforts, the parties also agree to put an emphasis on the development issues impacting Rakhine state.

  2. At this time, twenty four international institutions and non-government organizations such as UNOCHA, UNHCHR, WFP, ACE, UNFPA, UNICEF, MSF (Switzerland), ICRC, FIT, SCI, Solidarities, Malteser, IRC, CSSEP, DRC, UNDP, RELIEF, RI, BAJ, CDN, CAE, LWF, OXFAM and MRCS are working in Rakhine state with a total staff of one hundred eighty five (185) individuals, comprising an international staff of seventy two (72) individuals and a local staff of one hundred twelve (112) individuals. These organizations are working in collaboration with the Rakhine state government on issues and programs such as healthcare, water sanitation, nutrition, fisheries, prevention of natural disasters, humanitarian assistance management, sanitation, livelihood support, agriculture and livestock, education and gender discrimination.

  3. In order to implement the Rakhine Action Plan effectively at union and state levels, the Rakhine state government would like to invite all organizations listed in paragraph 2 as well as other United Nations agencies and international non-governmental organizations, including MSF, to participate in development, humanitarian, education, and healthcare programs in accordance with the wishes of the Rakhine people.

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