Overview of the August 2019 3W - Kachin State

from Myanmar Information Management Unit
Published on 18 Oct 2019 View Original

The MIMU 3W gathers inputs from participating humanitarian and development agencies on Who is doing What, Where, across Myanmar. It is conducted every 6 months and provides information on agencies’ activities at various levels (village/village tract/township and IDP camps).

226 agencies participated in the August 2019 3W, providing information on their humanitarian and development activities across 22 sectors and 155 sub-sectors as defined by technical/sector working groups. 3W reporting is quite comprehensive for projects of INGO, UN and Red Cross agencies, but there is under-reporting of activities of local NGOs and CBOs since not all are participating. Agencies must report to a sufficiently detailed level (village or camp level) for their work to be reflected fully in the MIMU 3W products.

This Overview describes projects under implementation in Kachin as of August 23, 2019. Further information on planned and recently completed projects is available from the 3W dataset, published on the MIMU website. Projects under implementation can also be viewed in our interactive dashboards - 3W Township Dashboard, 3W Village Tract Dashboard, and the 3W Technical Assistance Dashboard.

1. Organizations active in Kachin State

68 agencies reported activities in Kachin state: 44 are engaged in Development focused projects (332 village tracts/towns), 13 are engaged in support to other vulnerable groups (not IDP related, 192 village tracts/towns), 28 are engaged in activities which target IDPs and Host Communities (156 village tracts/towns and 122 camps) and 23 are active in IDP-focused activities (125 camps). IDP-related projects were reported in a total of 133 camps or camp-like settings. A total of 174 projects were reported in Kachin State: 30% of the projects involve work with IDPs (53 IDP & Host Community or IDP-only focused projects), and 70% have a focus on other populations (121 Other Vulnerable Groups and/or Development-focused projects).

Non-IDP focused projects (Other vulnerable groups and/or Development activities): 52 organizations reported 121 village or township-based projects under implementation in Kachin. The majority are implemented by INGOs. Most of the reported projects are in Chipwi and Momauk (41 village tracts/towns in each), Mohnyin (40), Bhamo (39), Waingmaw (37), Mogaung (33), Myitkyina, (32), Mansi (29) and Shwegu (26).

IDP & Host Community and IDP-only focused activities: 35 organizations reported 53 projects under implementation in 175 village tracts/towns and 133 IDP camps. The majority are implemented by INGOs and UN agencies. Most of these projects are in Momauk (31 village tracts/towns and 14 camps), Bhamo (29 and 8), Myitkyina (28 and 25), Mohnyin (23 and 3), Waingmaw (16 and 26), Mogaung (16 and 8), Mansi (13 and 11) and Hpakant (8 and 23).