Nyaunglebin Interview: Saw A---, May 2017


This Interview with Saw A--- describes events occurring in Phyu Township (Bago Division), Nyaunglebin District in 2017, including land confiscation and violent abuse.

  • Saw A--- stated that pasture land owned by villagers from six villages in K’nyin Tai Gyi village tract, Phyu Township, Nyaunglebin District has been confiscated on an ongoing basis by other villagers since 2011 in order to construct houses and sell the confiscated land for profit. The land confiscators have sold around 70 to 80 acres of the approximately 891 acres total of pasture land confiscated.

  • Local villagers have formed a farmer rights protection group and have reported the details of this land confiscation with photographic evidence to several different levels of the Burma/Myanmar government but have not received any responses.

  • Saw A--- reports that land confiscators attacked and intimidated villagers who entered the confiscated land to look after their cattle. No response was taken after villagers reported this incident to several different levels of the Burma/Myanmar government.

  • Villagers suspect that the authorities such as the Burma/Myanmar government and the Township general administrator collaborated with the land confiscators to confiscate the 891 acres of pasture land.