Myanmar: Vice-President Dr Sai Mauk Kham presents cash and relief aids to people in earthquake-hit areas

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NAY PYI TAW, 3 April-Vice-President Dr Sai Mauk Kham left here by air and arrived at Heho Airport in Shan State yesterday morning. He was accompanied by Members of Union Government Minister for Social Welfare, Relief and Resettlement U Aung Kyi, Deputy Minister for Home Affairs Brig- Gen Kyaw Zan Myint, Deputy Minister for Border Affairs Maj-Gen Zaw Win, Deputy Minister for Construction U Kyaw Lwin, Deputy Minister for Hotels and Tourism U Htay Aung, Deputy Minister for Electric Power No (2) U Aung Than Oo, Deputy Minister for Education U Aye Kyu, Deputy Minister for Health Dr Win Myint, Deputy Minister for Religious Affairs Dr Maung Maung Htay, departmental heads and national entrepreneurs.

The Vice-President and party were welcomed at the airport by Chief Minister of Shan State U Aung Myat (a) U Sao Aung Myat, state ministers and departmental personnel. Next, they went to Tachilek by air. On arrival at Tachilek People's Hospital, the Vice-President and party asked about condition of medical treatment being given for the patients who were injured by the earthquake, comforted and provided them with cash assistance.

Then, Kanbawza Bank Ltd, Shwe Thanlwin Co Ltd, Asia World Co Ltd, Aung Chantha Co Ltd and Naungton Co Ltd made cash donations for the hospital.

The Vice-President then visited the Shwedagon Pagoda in Tachilek and paid hom-age to the Buddha image in the Dhammayon. He next offered flowers, water, oil and joss sticks to the pagoda and made cash donations.

At the office of Pagoda Board of Trustees, the Vice- President met with chairmen and members of Shan Literature and Culture Committee, Akha Literature and Culture Committee and Lahu Literature and Culture Committee and donated K 2 million each to the committees. After having a documentary photo taken, the Vice- President greeted the chairmen and members of the committees.

Then, Vice-President Dr Sai Mauk Kham and party visited Naga Hnitkaung Monastery in Tachilek where they paid homage to the presiding abbot and made cash donations.

The Vice-President and party proceeded to Kyakuni village relief camp in Mawtwi village, Mongkoe village-tract, Tachilek Township. Member of relief work leading committee Commander of Tachilek District Police Force Police Lt-Col Kyaw Htwe reported on causalities due to the earthquake that happened in Kyakuni village, giving of medical treatment to the patients in hospital, carrying out rescue work, supply of drinking water and providing of cash and relief aid for the survivors.

In response, the Vice-President instructed the officials to systematically distribute cash donations and relief aid to the victims. Then, the Vice-President donated cash and bags of rice, the Minister for Social Welfare, Relief and Resettlement, bags of cement and the Shan State Chief Minister, foodstuff.

The five donor companies donated K 200,000 each to 146 quake-affected households totalling K 29.2 million.

Minister U Aung Kyi also presented K 29.2 million donated by Natural Disaster Preparedness Central Committee. The Vice-President and Minister U Aung Kyi spoke words of encouragement to the village people.

Then, the Vice-President handed K 200,000 each donated by the companies to the households and inspected the health clinics kept open for the quake victims and arrangements for distribution of relief aids.

Deputy Health Minister Dr Win Myint provided medicines and medicine equipment for the health clinics. The Vice- President and party went to Tahlay rescue camp by car.

Tachilek District Administrator U Thet Lwin reported on loss and damage caused by the earthquake that happened on 24 March in wards, Naryaung villagetract, Monglin (East) villagetract, Monglin (West) villagetract and Kyakuni village in Tahlay sub-township, relief and rehabilitation work done by Tatmadaw members, Myanmar Police Force members, department and members of social organizations under the leadership of authorities concerned, formation of committees, resumption of power supply, supply of clean drinking water, measures for healthy living, improvement of transport, relocation of the quake survivors, and reconstruction of damaged houses.

Speaking on the occasion, the Vice-President said the earthquake broke out when a new government was being formed. In the time of State Peace and Development Council, emergency rescue tasks and relief work were carried out systematically and promptly for earthquake victims.

He added he and party were there to take prompt measures necessary for the earthquake-hit areas. Moreover, requirements for the quake survivors will be fulfilled under the cooperation of Union Government, Shan State Government and national entrepreneurs. He said he thanked other social organizations for their contributions to the victims.

Arrangements are being made for providing money, cement and construction materials for damaged houses of the people, giving effective health care services to the injured people and supplying necessary money, rice, drinking water and fuel to the quake hit victims as soon as possible. For the first stage, emergency aid, relief, foods, clothes, temporary tents and health care services have been undertaken for the victims. As the second stage, necessary preparedness is to be made for resettle-ment of the people in the villages and maintenance of roads and bridges and for prevention against natural disasters including earthquake step by step.

It is necessary to reconstruct hospitals, schools, religious buildings and houses on priority steps. In this regard, assistance of wellwishers and companies will be taken for timely construction of hospitals and schools.

Therefore, the people are to make utmost efforts in reconstruction of their houses and buildings with the assistance of national entrepreneurs under the supervision of National Disaster Preparedness Central Committee.

Vice-President Dr Sai Mauk Kham presented K 10.7 million to 214 quake-hit households from urban area of Tahlay, K 7.5 million to 150 households of Nayawng Village, K 30 million to reconstruction of monasteries in Tahlay and K 30 million to reconstruction of the hospital through officials.

Minister U Aung Kyi donated nails worth K 12.5 million and bags of cement worth K 54 million, National Disaster Preparedness Central Committee K 13.4 million to share K 200,000 each to 67 houses that were damaged in the earthquake, Chief Minister U Aung Myat of the State 1000 bags of rice, five companies K 72.8 million to share K 200,000 each

to 364 quake-hit households, K 102.9 million for reconstruction of eight religious buildings, K 95 million for reconstruction of two six-classroom school buildings and K 34.7 million for reconstruction of two four-classroom school buildings. The total donations amounted to K 232.6 million.

The Vice-President handed K 200,000 each for the victim households to the people.

The Deputy Minister for Border Affairs presented K 3 million donated by the Ministry of Border Affairs and the Deputy Minister for Health, medicines.

U Lay Khaing of Ward 1 in Tahlay spoke words of thanks.

The Vice-President cordially greeted those present and viewed the arrangement for supply of relief aid.

He inspected reconstruction of Tahlay Bridge on Kengtung-Mongphyat-Tachilek Union Highway. Superintending Engineer U Hla Tun Oo of Public Works reported on damages of bridge approach road in the earthquake, damages of bridge surface and the Union Highway, maintenance of the road surface and construction of 60 feet long bailey bridge on Tahlay Bridge.

The Deputy Minister for Construction presented reports on the bridge to be repaired by Thawdawin Co through BOT system, and necessary technology to be provided by the ministry.

On arrival at the relief camp in Monglin Village of Tachilek Township, the Vice-President presented bags of rice to the quake victims.

Minister U Aung Kyi donated cement and foodstuff, the Chief Minister of the State quilt and foodstuff, five companies K 38.4 million to share K 200,000 each to 192 households, and Minister U Aung Kyi K 11.6 million donated by NDPCC to share K 200,000 each to 58 quake-hit houses.

The Vice-President presented K 200,000 each to the quake-hit victims.

Minister U Aung Kyi handed over K 9.2 million to share K 200,000 each to 46 quake-hit houses of Nayawng Village-tract and the Deputy Minister for Health medicines.

The Vice-President looked into relief aids and dispensary.

In Kengtung, the Vice-President and party paid homage to Maha Muni Buddha Image and offered gold foils to the Buddha Image.

After signing the visitors' book, he presented cash donation to the Pagoda Board of Trustees.

They spent the night in Kengtung.

On the inspection tour, NDPCC donated 1000 bags of rice, 12000 bags of cement worth K 54 million, construction materials worth K 12.5 million and K 63.4 million for construction of houses, and Ministry of Border Affairs K 3 million.

The total donations in Tahlay quake-hit region amounted to K 132.9 million. In addition, Ministry of Health donated medicines.

Moreover, Chairman U Aung Ko Win of Kanbawza Bank Ltd, U Kyaw Win of Shwe Thanlwin Co Ltd, U Myat Cho Oo of Asia World Co Ltd, U Naw Aung of Aung Chantha Co Ltd and U Sai Tint Aung of Nawngton Co Ltd donated K 42.65 million for reconstruction of hospitals and cash assistance for patients, K 185.4 million for quake victims, K 129.7 million for renovation of four school buildings of Basic Education High School, K 104.9 million for renovation of religious buildings and K 6 million for national race literature and culture committees.

The donations amounted to K 468.65 million.

Therefore, the total donations for the people of quake-hit area amounted to K 601.55 million, 1000 bags of rice and medicines.

Moreover, the five wellwishers will take responsibility for reconstruction of eight religious buildings, Tahlay Hospital, two six-classroom school buildings and two four-classroom school buildings.