Myanmar: Thaton Interview: Ma N---, July 2015


This Interview with Ma N--- describes arbitrary arrest and torture occurring in Thaton Township, Thaton District, during the period between June and July 2013. She described how her husband was arbitrarily arrested and tortured by the Myanmar police in June 2013. Her husband finally said that he was involved in a bus robbery, although he asserts that was not involved. He confessed to the crime after torture by the Myanmar police. The robbery that Myanmar police suspected Ma N---‘s husband was suspected of was the Yar Zar Min bus robbery that happened in Mon State, Thaton Township, Thaton District on June 8th 2013 when a bus was intercepted by robbers whilst heading from Kyaik Kha Mi to Yangon.

Interview | Ma N---, (Female, 42), B--- village, Thaton Township, Thaton District (July 2015)

The following Interview was conducted by a community member trained by KHRG to monitor local human rights conditions. It was conducted in Thaton District on July 26th 2015 and is presented below translated exactly as it was received, save for minor edits for clarity and security.[1] This interview was received along with other information from Thaton District, including two other interviews, one photo note, one situation update, 238 photographs and 1 other document.