Myanmar - Protests (DG ECHO, media) (ECHO Daily Flash of 26 February 2021)

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  • Daily anti-Tatmadaw protests continued, however a new dynamic has been developing in Yangon, the economic center of the country, marked by demonstrations by pro-Tatmadaw supporters, which generated clashes with anti-Tatmadaw protestors. Several people have reported to be injured.
  • On social media, activists are calling for a second nationwide strike on 28 February, which will mark the one-month anniversary of the military takeover. The online trend is quickly growing and another widespread protests across the country are expected on Sunday.
  • The Civil Disobedience Movement continued across the country causing a significant slowdown of the health services, including the prevention, testing and treatment of COVID-19. The almost total stop of testing, along with recurrent mass protests is expected to significantly increase the COVID-19 prevalence in the country. Barely no test is performed at the moment and there is no reliable visibility on the situation.