Myanmar: Post-Nargis recovery and preparedness plan, Dec 2008

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The Post-Nargis Recovery and Preparedness Plan (PONREPP) outlines a three-year recovery strategy for the areas affected by Cyclone Nargis, which struck Myanmar on 2-3 May 2008 and resulted in a large loss of life and significant destruction in Myanmar's Ayeyarwady Delta region. The report consists of four parts plus annexes:

- An overview (Chapter I) which presents core recovery issues including a review of the national, regional and international humanitarian responses over the six months following Cyclone Nargis, the nature of livelihoods and vulnerabilities in the cyclone-affected area, the strength of community-led recovery efforts, and the sequencing and funding of recovery interventions.

- A presentation of the Government's recovery plan (Chapter II), which the PONREPP complements.

- Three chapters (III, IV, and V) which present situational overviews by sector and the PONREPP's proposed sectoral recovery responses over the next three years, grouped under the broad themes of productive lives (Chapter III), healthy lives (Chapter IV), and protected lives (Chapter V).

- The proposed implementation architecture for PONREPP (Chapter VI), covering strategic and operational coordination, assistance flows and aid tracking, and impact monitoring and transparency.

- An annex which schematically presents - by operational sector - the principal objectives (or outcomes), and outputs and timelines for their achievement, as well as a breakdown of estimated costs.