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Myanmar: Over 30 ethnic Karennis flee offensive

Than Htike Oo

In a fresh exodus, more than 30 ethnic Karennis, fled Burma and arrived at a refugee camp along the Thai-Burmese border on Monday, according to camp officials.

Camp officials of the Karenni camp (1) in Thailand's Mae Hong Song district said, the new arrivals were forced to flee following a fresh offensive by Burmese troops on armed cadres of the Karenni National Progressive Party since the beginning of summer.

Some of them, however, fled as Burmese soldiers targeted them for arrest for suspected connections with the KNPP, the officials said.

Camp officials said, over 200 refugees have arrived at the camp since the offensive by Burmese soldiers against the KNPP which was launched in the beginning of summer.

However, more than 200 new arrivals still remain unrecognized as refugees by the Thai authorities, the officials added.

"A lot of people began arriving since the onset of summer, but many have not been recognized as refugees," the official said.

Since the new refugees have not been recognized by the Thai authorities the camp officials have to provide them with shelter and food, he added. .

The refugees arrived at the camp after struggling through jungles and mountains, where they lacked food, shelter and medicines.