Myanmar: KNU terrorists shell Myawady, Phaya Thonsu, leaving some innocent people dead, injured

NAY PYI TAW, 9 Nov - The KNU terrorists are committing various subversive acts to disrupt State's stability, community peace and tranquility and rule of law, causing innocent people casualties and public panic.

A group of KNU terrorists from south of Myawady opened fire with heavy weapons at five different places in Myawady at about 8.45 am yesterday. A total of three innocent were killed and 20 injured in the incident.

The injured were rushed to Myawady hospital and provided with necessary treatment by officials concerned.

Due to shootings of KNU terrorists, shells of heavy weapons also exploded near Thai- Myanmar Friendship Bridge and Chinese temple in Maesot in Thailand, leaving some innocent people injured.

In similar incident at noon yesterday, a group of KNU terrorists opened fire of small and heavy weapons from north of Phaya Thonsu in Kayin State, causing one member of Myanmar Police Force dead and four Tatmadaw members and one service personnel of the Township Forest Department injured.

Arrangements are being made for convenience of locals and workers in Myawady and Phaya Thonsu by officials concerned, and the Tatmadaw members are in hot pursuit of the group of KNU insurgents.