Myanmar - Interim Humanitarian Response Plan 2018

to assist
180 000 people

FAO requires
USD 8 million

January – December 2018

In Rakhine State, the situation deteriorated dramatically in late 2017. After a series of armed attacks on border guard police posts in northern Rakhine, violence led to mass displacement, including 688 000 people who have sought refuge in Bangladesh since 25 August. Since 2012, violence has resulted in the internal displacement of 241 000 people across the country.


FAO is working with partners in the Food Security Sector to:

• Ensure the targeted population has equitable access to sufficient, safe and nutritious food in-kind and/or through cash assistance all year round.

• Enhance the resilience of affected communities through restoring, protecting and improving livelihood opportunities.

• Improve the timeliness, appropriateness and effectiveness of the Food Security Sector response through high quality food security data and analysis